eTravel Philippines Authorization

Request online your Travel authorization for the Philippines

eTravel Philippines Authorization

Request online your Travel authorization for the Philippines

Combined Entry, Exit and Health Declaration

For Holiday, Business, or Visiting Friends/Family

Available online only

The Philippines Unified Electronic Travel Declaration Platform

The Philippines’ Electronic Travel Application Form is available 72 hours before your entry into or exit from the Philippines. Travelers are kindly requested to exhibit their eTravel QR Code before boarding their flights or vessel to the Philippines.

A project spearheaded by the Philippine Government. Mandatory for all global travelers, the Philippines eTravel process is obligatory for both entry into and departure from the nation.

When embarking on a journey to or from the Philippines, it is imperative that you fill out the eTravel form online prior to your departure. It is essential to note that while this document is not a visa, it is nonetheless a compulsory travel requirement applicable to all passengers.

Completing the Philippines e Travel form is a straightforward online procedure, easily accessible through this website. Please be advised that registration is only permissible within a 72-hour window before your scheduled arrival in or departure from the Philippines. Additionally, we kindly request all travelers to present their eTravel QR Code upon boarding their flight.

Philippines e Travel Card Summary

Purpose of Visit:
Tourism, business, and transit
Single entry. A payment is due for each visitor’s stay
Maximum of 30 days per visit
Delivery time:
Shortly after successful payment
$52 USD per eTravel QR – each traveler needs his document. The e-Ticket can also be obtained free of charge at
Application form:
Online only: submit your request now!

Download the Philippines eTravel QR Information Sheet in PDF



Complete the Online Request

Complete the application by furnishing your full name, email address, age, and passport number.


Validate your Payment via a Secure page

eTravel Philippines can be paid with your credit card.


Receive your receipt QR authorization

The payment confirmation with a Barcode will be sent to the provided email shortly after the payment.

eARRIVAL CARD has been replaced by the e Travel Pass

Travelers can now access the new portal for registration.

Important Notice: Travelers Bound for the Philippines

Effective from December 1, 2022, the Philippine Government has officially replaced the former e-Arrival CARD Registration with a new e-Travel Registration system. This revamped system can be accessed through a fresh web portal.

It is imperative to emphasize that the e-Travel authorization is now a compulsory prerequisite for entering the Philippines, as mandated by the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID).The new e-Travel Registration is designed to be more user-friendly and streamlined in comparison to the previous health declaration CARD

It will demand less information, in accordance with the Philippine health authorities’ choice to streamline the arrival procedures. The improved platform seamlessly incorporates with the system prerequisites of the Immigration and Customs authorities, enhancing the overall process for all travelers.

In order to expedite your airport experience and avoid lengthy queues, it is strongly recommended to complete the e-Travel Registration at least 72 hours before your leaving from your place of departure.

If for any reason you can’t complete the e-Travel Registration before departure, rest assured that the Philippine Bureau of Quarantine (BOQ) and airport personnel will be available to help you fill out and submit the registration when you arrive in the Philippines.

The Philippines is a highly sought-after destination for tourists, business travelers, and those reuniting with friends and family. To facilitate a smooth immigration process, the Philippine government has anvisioned and anforced the eTravel Philippines online Arrival Card.

Requirements of the online eTravel Philippines application form here below offers you a comprehensive guidance on procuring your eTravel Card while facilitating a hassle-free travel experience. Our coverage encompasses the following key aspects:

1. What is the e Travel Pass Philippines card

The Philippines eTravel Card is an online system that simplifies immigration procedures for travelers arriving in or departing from the country. 

It gathers crucial traveler information, including passport data, personal details and travel plans. If you’re arriving in the Philippines, you’ll also respond to health inquiries as this serves as a Health Declaration as well. 

The Philippine immigration authorities utilize this data to enhance immigration efficiency, reducing airport wait times and allowing you to make the most of your visit to the Philippines.

2. Who Must Obtain an eTravel Card to visit Philippines?

The eTravel Philippines Card is an obligatory document for anyone, including Philippine passport holders, who intends to travel by air or sea to or from the Philippines. This encompasses a wide range of travelers, from tourists and business professionals to individuals visiting family or friends, transit passengers, and even residents of the country.

Before commencing the application for an eTravel Card, please ensure that you satisfy all the specified prerequisites listed below in point 4.

3. Secure Your eTravel for the Philippines Online

All travelers and crew members arriving in the Philippines are required to register individually on the eTravel platform (www. ) within 72 hours of their intended arrival.  A QR code will be issued by the platform which must be presented to the Bureau of Quarantine officers upon arrival in the Philippines for verification.   

Departing travelers from the Philippines need to register in the system within a window of 72 hours but not less than three hours before their scheduled departure, with this requirement applying exclusively to outbound Filipino passengers.

4. Follow the below procedure to Request e Travel Philippines Card:

Fill Out the Online Application Form with the Necessary Details

Double check the Accuracy of all Information provided and confirm them

Complete the filing of your application and remit the processing fee for the eTravel Card.

Get an email containing a PDF file with the Card QR eTravel code

To successfully receive an approved eTravel Philippines it is needed:


While the specific validity period is not stated, it is needed that your passport remains valid both upon entering and departing the country.

TICKET RESERVATION of your Flight or Cruise:

You must furnish information about your arriving carrier within the form.


When arriving, it’s also essential to complete the form with your address and contact details for your stay in the Philippines.


Answer if you are vaccinated against COVID-19, If you had contact with someone diagnosed with any infective disease or if you been ill in the last 30 days.

5. Landing or Departing with a Philippines travel card

Once you possess the approved eTravel arrival card Philippines QR, the arrival procedure when you land in the Philippines unfolds seamlessly. Upon your airport arrival, make your way to the arrival passport control area, the you will exhibit your official eTravel Card QR code.

It is crucial to have at your disposal either a physical printout or a digital version (easily accessible on your device) of your eTravel Card QR code for inspection purposes. Additionally, ensure that to the immigration officer you present the very same passport used during your registration. Each authorization is linked to a single passport.

The immigration officer will validate the particulars on your eTravel Card against those on your passport. Upon the successful conclusion of this authentication process, you will be permitted entry into the Philippines. Moreover, it’s important to bear in mind that, depending on the country of origin, you may also be obliged to secure a visa for entry into the Philippines.

Departing from the country with an eTravel Philippines Card follows a parallel process. You simply need to show your travel authorization QR code for the necessary immigration clearance, as well as to facilitate your boarding onto your flight or Vessel.

Philippines’ Оnline eTravel Application Form Requirements

Completing online the eTravel form is a quick and straightforward process that will only take a few minutes of your time. The application comprises several sections where you’ll need to furnish specific information.

First, you’ll need to input your essential details, which include:

Full Name, Nationality, Date of Birth, Gender

You’ll also be required to provide your valid passport particulars, which encompass:

Passport Number, Issuance and Expiry Dates, Country of Issuance

Additionally, you’ll need to provide contact information to enable Filipino authorities to get in touch with you if necessary, especially in the event of a health emergency or outbreak. This contact information includes:

Email Address, Phone Number, Residential Address

Moving forward, the eTravel form will inquire about your travel plans regarding your trip to the Philippines. You’ll be asked to specify:

Mode of Travel, Your status as a foreign national or Filipino citizen, Arrival and departure dates, Purpose of your trip, Flight or vessel name and number, Seat or cabin number, Accommodation details for your stay in the Philippines

The subsequent section pertains to your health, with inquiries such as:

Whether you’ve been unwell in the past 30 days, If you’ve had any contact with individuals carrying infectious diseases within the last 30 days, A list of any symptoms you may currently be experiencing

Finally, as part of the application process for eTravel, you’ll be required to make a declaration affirming the accuracy and truthfulness of all the information you’ve provided.

Legislative side 

The comprehensive implementation of the Philippines’ eTravel System was successfully completed on April 15, 2023. This achievement was the result of a collaborative endeavor involving various governmental agencies, including the the Department of Tourism, the Department of Transportation, Inter-Agency Task Force, the Bureau of Quarantine, the National Privacy Commission, the Bureau of Customs, the Department of Information and Communications Technology, the Department of Health, and the Department of Justice.

Why the Implementation Is Significant?

The eTravel Philippines System made its debut in December 2022, marking a departure from the traditional paper-based arrival and departure cards and the One Health Pass, which travelers were previously mandated to use for immigration clearance. This innovative system is designed with the primary goal of expediting immigration clearances and fostering seamless coordination among border management agencies. Ultimately, it aims to facilitate the smooth and convenient entry of travelers into the Philippines through various ports of entry.

Nevertheless, travelers must register in advance their journeys. This requirement is applicable to all inbound travelers and crew members, as well as to outbound Filipino travelers—a novel aspect of the process.

Business implications

Companies should ensure that their globally-mobile workers understand and comply with the new registration requirement for traveling to the Philippines. Effective communication and preparation are key to smoothly navigating health immigration check once arrived in the country. If assistance is needed in understanding these updated processes and conditions, companies can reach out to their immigration attorney or legal advisor, or contact us via our contact form.

eTravel Philippines in details

It is the newest entry form for international passengers journeying to or from the Philippines. It has replaced the One Health Pass, which was introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic. This straightforward online registration incorporates a health declaration for the Philippines, serving as a vital tool for authorities to safeguard public health and manage the risk of contagious diseases.

It’s essential to note that eTravel Philippines is an additional requirement for travelers and does not substitute other mandatory documents, such as the Philippines Visa. Passengers must continue to present all standard paperwork when entering the Philippines, including a visa if it is mandated by their country of departure.

The Philippines eTravel System Functions as a contemporary counterpart to entry forms utilized by various countries globally. While traditional in-flight paper forms were commonplace before the pandemic, the COVID-19 era ushered in a new era of online health declarations across the world, all sharing a common focus on health-related inquiries.

In the wake of the pandemic’s persistent challenges, multiple nations, the Philippines included, have embraced the continuity of online platforms for travelers to furnish their information and submit comprehensive health declarations. The eTravel system stands as the Philippines’ distinctive rendition of this entry requirement, not only applying to incoming passengers but also encompassing those departing from the country.This data collection process plays a pivotal role for Filipino authorities, allowing them to:

  • Assessing Inbound Travelers
  • Detecting Health-Related Risks
  • Monitoring and Controlling Disease Outbreaks
  • Maintaining Awareness of visitor’s Entry and Exit

A travel Authorization is needed under the following circumstances:

  • Traveling to the Philippines
  • Departing from the Philippines

Irrespective of your nationality, all passengers are required to complete the Philippines health declaration form.

For anyone intending to enter the Philippines, regardless of the purpose or duration of the stay, adherence to this entry policy is essential.

Not presenting an approved eTravel QR could lead to the possibility of being denied entry into the Philippines or boarding a flight destined for the Philippines from your country of origin.

Even residents and citizens of the Philippines must obtain an eTravel authorization. This requirement applies to Filipinos both departing from and returning to the country. It’s important to note that possessing a Philippines passport or resident card does not grant an exemption from the eTravel requirement.

COVID-19 information are no longer mandatory to be included in the eTravel form. The eTravel form no longer necessitates the inclusion of detailed COVID-19 information. Instead, it mandates responses to more general health inquiries, focusing on any illnesses encountered in the past 30 days and potential exposure to communicable diseases.

CHILDREN are also required to have an approved travel health form when traveling to the Philippines. Every passenger, regardless of age, including minors, must possess their individual eTravel Philippines document for entry into or departure from the country. The system does not allow for the grouping of applications or adding children to an existing form. Each child must have their own distinct document.

Parents or legal guardians can act on behalf of their children or dependents by completing the eTravel form.

To successfully apply online for a eTravel Declaration Form for the Philippines, you need to meet a few straightforward prerequisites.

  • Complete the eTravel form online within a 72-hour window before your scheduled flight or ship departure.

To request a Philippines travel authorization online, you are required to have handy the following:

  • Proof of your travel reservations
  • Information regarding any recent illnesses or potential exposure to diseases within the past 30 days
  • Evidence of your accommodation arrangements in the Philippines 
  • A Current passport
  • A credit or debit card
  • A working email address

The eTravel Card is distinct from a Philippines Visa

The eTravel QR should not be confused with a Philippines visa. If your nationality does not qualify for visa exemption when visiting the Philippines, you will be required to obtain a visa in addition to the electronic arrival card.

Depending on your nationality, this visa may take the form of an electronic visa, a visa on arrival, or an embassy-issued visa. If you are eligible for the Philippines eVisa, we recommend utilizing the online application method, which is the most convenient and expeditious means of gaining entry to the country.

For those traveling for business or employment purposes, a business visa or work permit is typically essential. The sponsoring company in the Philippines usually assists with this process, which may entail providing additional documentation, such as an invitation letter from the company.

Please keep in mind that entry requirements can vary, so it is advisable to thoroughly review the Philippine entry conditions specific to your nationality well in advance of your planned departure date.


The online eTravel Philippines Card application form can be swiftly filled out within a matter of minutes. This website allows you to enroll for the eTravel at your convenience, even on the day of your journey. Once requested, the approved QR code is going to be sent shortly after to the email shared during the application.

It’s imperative that you fill out your eTravel form for the Philippines with the same passport you intend to use for your travel. The information on your form should align precisely with the details present on your passport.

We will keep you informed through email regarding all updates. To ascertain the status of your eTravel declaration, please review the latest email communication you have received from us. Should you require further clarification regarding your request, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

In case you have not received a confirmation email from our end and have already reviewed your Spam/Junk folder, please feel free to contact us at for further assistance.

If your travel authorization under the eTravel Card Program is denied by the Filipino Border Authorities, we will refund 100% of what has been paid. Please note that the acceptance or rejection of an eTravel declarations is solely at the discretion of the Filipino immigration authorities. If an application is rejected there is no avenue for an appeal. In such cases, to be able to visit the Philippines an entry Visa must be obtained at the closest to you Philippines embassy or consulate.

If you believe there is an error in your Philippines eTravel declaration, please reach out to us promptly at We’ll do all we can to help you with your arrival card Philippines.